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The Three Fates
& Other Fanfic
by vallkiran

This page has been set aside to house the sections of my Three Fates series, as well as the other Buffy verse fanfic I have written. All my stories are NC-17/Adult fiction for the adult themes, graphic sex, and, often, violence. If you are under age, I would suggest you not read any of them.

book II
book III

Three Fates is a Willow/Spike/Faith series...in a manner of speaking. It will also contain adult themes and content, and will eventually feature some very graphic smut. Consider it an NC-17 story, even though the beginning is pretty tame. This will be a very long, involved story that will both use and discard canon. It might get a little confusing, so I have tried to set things up so that everything is less confusing.

There will ultimately be four books in this series. The prelude is called Moirai; book I will be Klotho; book II will be Lachesis; and book III will be Atropos. Here is a little information about the Fates and this story. Click on the above links to visit each book. I hope you enjoy the series and you can send feedback to vallkiran@yahoo.com. You can also check it out on my lj at vallkiran.livejournal.com.

The Sisters of the Moirai, or the Three Fates, were the daughters of Nyx, the embodiment of Night in Greek Mythology. Nyx bore many offspring; among the others were Day, Death, Sleep, Blame, Deceit, Friendship, Age, and Strife. The fates were goddesses in their own right who knew the future and were regarded as prophetic entities responsible for destiny and its consequences. Klotho [the Spinner] combs and spins the thread of life to build fate, Lachesis [the Disposer of Lots] weaves the thread into fabric to dispense fate, and Atropos [She Who Cannot Be Turned] cuts the thread of life to realize fate. They were ageless, sometimes depicted as old women, and were often shown as being lame to indicate the slow march of time.


and coming soon...

Willow & Spike are trying to hide their relationship from the Scoobies. Short Cuts is set during season4. Thisis really just a smut fic, but I think I came up with an interesting way to tell it. It was written for Dark Lycoris' birthday. This fic is complete.

Strange Beginnings is completely AU [Alternate Universe]. Willow is a girl with a destiny. She and her guardian, Janna Calderash, have come to Sunnydale, California in order to prepare for the fullfillment of said destiny. Eventially, she meets up with William, a British boy who's father, Rupert Giles, brought them to Sunnydale many years ago in order for him to be Watcher to a Slayer; however, the Slayer-one Buffy Summers-ended up being sent to Cleveland with another Watcher-but Rupert and his son still fight evil. Buffy will probably never show up in my story, but I've not decided for certain yet. It was written for Kallie's birthday. This is a WIP [Work In Progress].